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What is OlaCity? Can OlaCity really make money?

What is OlaCity? Can OlaCity really make money? This is one of the questions many people are interested in, especially those who are learning and just starting to approach forms of making money Online. Currently there are many money making platforms, but to better understand reputable platforms, it is not easy for users. OlaCity is also one of the online money making platforms. For more details about this platform, please follow the article below.

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What is OlaCity?

OlaCity, also known as Ola Network, is a platform that helps you make money online for free. OlaCity does not require initial capital investment and makes money by performing some simple tasks such as registering an account, viewing ads, downloading apps, shortening links, … or can save money by participating Cashback program when shopping at thousands of online and offline stores affiliated with OlaCity.

OlaCity will offer campaigns and tasks to help vindicated members make money completely free. The campaigns and tasks that are usually OlaCity will link with partners to advertise and promote brands and products.

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Can OlaCity really make money?

This is really a reputable online money-making platform in Vietnam that has been welcomed by the community. In particular, OlaCity does not require you to invest and make money by viewing advertisements wasted by partners.

However, to earn from OlaCity you need to plan and spend time researching carefully how to get the best income. Regardless of whether you work at any money making platform, the investment of time, effort, and perseverance cannot be ignored.

Forms of making money from OlaCity

1. Do the task on OlaCity

These are quite simple tasks such as downloading the App, watching videos, doing surveys, monitoring channels, sharing articles, … You just need to fulfill the requirements that OlaCity gives you will receive the number. money respectively from 40 – 110,000 VND.

How to do it: You should do it fully to make money

olacity campaigns
Make money by doing quests of OlaCity

2. View advertisement on OlaCity

This is the easiest way to make money, but the amount of money is not much. You just need to click to see ads from 15s, 30s, 40s, 60s you can earn from 15 – 150VND / 1QC.

OlaCity only regulates the viewing of the partner’s advertisement once / 1 day. Therefore, you work hard to spend 15-30 minutes a day and you have an additional income from 1,500 VND – 10,000 VND. Let’s make a little big because this is a very easy task, you just need to click to view the ad and open another tab to do other things so that the required time from running.

How to do it: Spend free time watching or doing something else

see olacity ad
See ads to receive money

3. Make money from shortening links

This is a form of making money that is not too unfamiliar to the MMO community. You just need to shorten the link to make it more beautiful, then you use that link to share anywhere. If people watch them click to receive the link and wait for 5s, you will get money.

For every 1 view ~ $ 0.0016, if 1000 views ~ $ 1.6 (OlaCity can change the price depending on time). In countries like the US, Australia will have higher prices

How to do it: Share documents, download software links on social networking platforms such as facebook, youtube, website, …

Shorten links at olacity
Shorten the link at olacity

4. Introduce members to join

Introduce your friends to make money with Ola City and receive a 3% bonus on the total sales of all members in your 7-storey system.

For example, if you introduce 10 friends, these 10 friends each introduce 10 more people, you will have 110 people in the team. For every 1 person 1 month earning from Ola City 1,000,000 VND, you will get a team bonus of: 110 x 1,000,000 VND x 3% = 3,300,000 VND

When introducing more participants to make money with Ola city, you will be rewarded with 5% of the total sales of all members in your 10-storey system. This is a way to make passive money through affiliate marketing.

This method sounds similar to the multi-level model, but this is the program that the ola city project runs to attract participants instead of costing advertising but ineffective.

How to do it: Share the practical benefits of making money from OlaCity, helping friends to make money on the online platform. However, you should not force them to use it because when you force it, you lose the credibility yourself, and the brand of OlaCity is also affected.

5. Use the refund feature

When you use Ola City to shop at e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Tiki, Lazada or offline stores affiliated with Ola City, you will get a refund of 3 – 50% depending on the product you buy. .

This way of making money is very suitable for those who need to shop regularly, both quickly and conveniently while saving a lot of money. With the maximum offer, you only have to buy the item you want with half its value. This way of making money of OlaCity is very attractive, isn’t it?

How to withdraw money from OlaCity

Ola City has a strategic partnership with VNDC, an extremely reputable stable coin platform in the Vietnamese Dong market. Withdrawal from Ola City to VNDC wallet will be done in an extremely fast time. You must be at VNDC wallet and affiliated with OlaCity.

However, to be eligible for withdrawals you are also required to verify KYC so that OlaCity knows you are a real money-making partner. KYC authentication is quite simple, you only need to check personal information, take a photo of ID / CCCD.

With Ola City, the minimum amount you can withdraw is only 100,000 VND. An extremely small number that you can easily do in just a few simple steps.

Guide to OlaCity registration

After reading through the information above you can follow the steps below to register for an account and start making money on Ola City.
Step 1: Register OlaCity: Here
What is Ola City
Click on the free registration button
What is Ola City
Fill in all the information and remember to press I’m not a robot

Step 2: Authenticate email

Then the system will send information to Email to activate the account. Click on the link sent by email to verify your account and login to the management system of Ola City. If you do not receive the email, you may have entered the wrong email when registering. Please re-register again. If the email system says that the email already exists, check your spam folder.

How to monetize olacity
Confirm Email

Step 3: Add information, verify KYC and link VNDC

Then you access the Account Settings to add personal information, two-factor security authentication, VNDC link to withdraw money later (VNDC is a very famous electronic trading platform today and quite prestigious. credit).

Conclusion about OlaCity

OlaCity is a simple and free money making model that anyone can join. Furthermore, it is virtually risk-free as you don’t have to buy or invest money.

So if you are interested, you should join early, to avoid when the market is saturated, your chances will be much less.

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Good luck!